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Laurie: Who am I?

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This is Me


The last four years have left me broken.  Radiation, chemotherapy, surgeries, trauma and ugly scars.  But I’m still standing.  Actually, I really feel as though I’ve been thrown up on the beach by a big wave and I’m just finally catching my breath, not quite sure yet which way is up.


But I’m slowly starting to stand. 


This picture also makes me thankful for the things I’ve learned along the way. I see the world around me in a different way than I did before.  Now I see the beauty around me because I’ve slowed down and have time now to notice. 


I feel the love of my friends who have come along beside me and supported me.  I’ve had to learn that it’s ok to be weak and vulnerable, we all are sometimes.   I’ve also gained some new friends along the way and made connections with people because I’ve had the time to do it.  


I feel a sense of love and peace that was never there before, and notice the beauty all around me. That’s what I see when I look at this girl.  She may be cute and sweet on the outside, but inside there’s resilience and new-found strength and beauty.  She is finding love, connection and beauty in spite of, or maybe because of her brokenness.


I’ve also always hated my knees, and hers is a little flabby looking too, so there’s that.


I would love to hear your story:

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